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I used this product to wash my scalp due to what I think is dermatitis. And is soothe my scalp reduced breakout. Scent is awesome smells like lemons price is ok in comparison too other options. Using other remedies as well but this definitely was a key part of my improvement.

Ms. Jones

So I saw a you tube video about this soap being able to treat my seborrheic dermatitis, so far it's been great I used it 3 times on my scalp already with sulfur 8 . I will give another update .I ONLY USED THIS SOAP ON MY SCALP.


My GYN Dr. recommended this product for a medical issue I have been experiencing and I can honestly say for the past 6 years, it has worked.

Jane E. Mines

The soap is absolutely great fulfilled what I was told about it. Wish it was a larger bar. Great product


This product really help with my seborrheic dermatitis! Highly recommended!!


Thank you so much for the soap. It smells so good. Very light weight on hair


I love the lemongrass scent but there are some even better benefits of this soap. I initially brought it to help my daughter control the seborrheic dermatitis that attacked her scalp. The soap help generate healthy bacteria to counter the overgrowth of yeast on her scalp. Also we also found it to be helpful in regulating vaginal PH balance and foot odor. I would advice not to let it sit in water too long and find a container so that it can dry quickly as to preserve its use.


I discovered this soap after a YouTuber sang its praises and it is hands down amazing. I am five months into my loc journey and recently began experiencing excessive itchy scalp. The lather is amazing and has a natural pleasant lemon scent. I started by lathering in my hands but then decided to massage the bar directly onto my scalp following an ACV rinse. My scalp feels refreshed and amazing. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.


So I saw a you tube video about this soap being able to treat my seborrheic dermatitis, so far it's been great I used it 3 times on my scalp already with sulfur 8 . I will give another update .I ONLY USED THIS SOAP ON MY SCALP.


I bought this soap for use on irritated skin and it has really helped. I like the clean scent and easy lather it gives. My only suggestion for the company who produces this, is to also make a rounded bar. The current shape is square.


It lathered so easily! I bought it specifically to wash my locs and it obliterated a case of cradle cap. I air dry it and store it in a small container with lid between uses. Will buy again!


I bought this for skin conditions and I use it on my hair once a week to help bad dry skin and dandruff that nothing else touches. So far its working well :) love the smell

Angel A

This soap smells so good and has really helped my skin. I kept breaking out with small itchy bumps but after using this for about a month I’ve only had about 4 or 5 bumps in total. It’s working.

Arla Waters

The best soap to eliminate odor & irritation in the private area for women. It’s wonderful for the whole body too but that can get pricey. The fragrance is mild but glorious.


this is amazing. I had rosacia and I have been using this product for 2 months and my face has cleared up. I use it every day and will continue.

Ptatrick Hayes

The soap has a pleasant lemony scent, and it doesn't burn my tender scalp like some medicated shampoos. The soap gets nice and sudsy even in hard water.

Vee Bee

Wonderful product for Seborrhea dermatitis!

Benecia Williams

I love the freshness it gives when you use it to bathe.

Donna Martin

This product changed my life! Seriously! I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis at the age of 29.It was so embarrassing and made me very self conscious and no other products worked or they made the condition flare up more. After doing some research and seeing testimonials from others suffering the same way I was. After using this soap for about a week or so my skin was clear and so much better!

Timothy Holden

This stuff works! I have seborrheic dermatitis and my scalp is happy! I also made other adjustments that almost surely contributed to healing my scalp as well (taking a strong probiotic orally daily, replacing my moisturizer with MCT oil, etc.). But I highly recommend this product just wish it was a little cheaper.

Dominique G.

There's nothing to dislike i love everything about my product absolutely satisfied totally!!!

Tyron Skyes

I've been struggling with this dermatitis for years and after one use, I've had NO flakes in 3 weeks. You have a new recurrent customer.


My daughter wanted locs and a few months later, she developed seborrheic dermatitis. I tried everything I could think of to calm down the scales that had developed on her scalp and nothing worked. It progressively got worse. It started to seep out to her hairline and behind her ears. I heard about this soap from a youtuber who suffered with the same thing. I took her locs out and started using this soap on her scalp once a week. It's been about a month now and it has cleared up severely. It's almost gone. She doesn't has as many scales as she'd had before. I just purchased my second bar to continue her hair treatment every week.

Jameel Nanton

The “Candida Freedom Probiotic soap” is great for seborrheic dermatitis. I’ve been struggling with seborrheic Dermatitis for a year now. I get it all over my scalp, brows, nose, eyes, cheeks it’s the worse I hate it. This product has helped my skin not only does it have such a great strong sent of lemon. It soothes the skin. My first time trying this soap left my skin feeling great. I’m forever in love with this soap. Also great for body acne I also suffers from body acne and this soap got rid of it. I’m glad I came across this soap and I no longer have to suffer from constant itching, irritation, stinging and pain.


This soap has really helped control my psoriasis flare-ups without causing more irritation to my skin.

D. Jones

I use this soap 2-4 times a month on my scalp as I have a dry and flakey scalp. It helps clear up my scalp properly.

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